Who are we?

Please enjoy a poem that God gave me quite some time ago. I realize that as Christians our purpose in life is not to gain wisdom and keep it to ourselves. It is to go out and spread the good news and Gods love to all the nations. So I hope this poem speaks to your heart like it speaks to mine.


Who are we? Set apart from the world to be free, to walk in our own destiny.
Who are we? the light set apart from the darkness or the darkness that consumes the light?
I am supposed to be living life more abundantly, walking by faith and not just by what I see, I am suppose to die to myself daily.
Who are we in a world full of SIN just CHILLIN?
I am the CHANGE that I so eagerly seek, I am the BOLD & POWERFUL woman of GOD that speaks and declares his word daily.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Speaking life into those that are spiritually dead saying the things that no one else has said!
Who are we transforming so easily?
Who are we judging those that are begging to be free? Locked down by strong holds easily moved by pots of gold.
Who are we?
Could it be I am he that lives in me seeking his will and his way whole HEARTEDLY.
Not conforming to the patterns of this world but being transformed by the renewing of my mind DAILY.
Could it be I am the CHANGE AGENT that I so eagerly seek?
Could it be that I was born to be FREE, not to let strong holds, depression and oppression confine me.
Who are we standing & praising his name, to Glorify the KINGDOM and not just for fame.
So easily persuaded by other people’s visions, quickly allowing ourselves to be placed in a box constrained by LIMITS.
Who are we?
I define my destiny!
I CHOOSE too not let my past, present or future mistakes limit me!
I choose to live peacefully!
I want to glorify and worship constantly, with every breath that I take, with every move that I make his praise will continually be on my lips.
More of you GOD less of me.
I thank you for creating me for more than just HYPOCRISY!

By an aspiring Christian Poet – Tiffany

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