You Got the Part!

imageMy passion for theater and film started at a very young age, I enjoyed “pretending” to be someone I wasn’t! I could be an uptown girl shopping the expensive boutiques of NY or a Princess in a royal castle sipping a spot of tea mid-day! LOL! Acting was just a great way of escaping some what of a roller coaster ride of a life!

One year I decided to be apart of a local pageant and one of the questions were, “You enjoy acting and performing, how do we know that you aren’t just performing right now!” That question stopped me dead in my tracks! It was sort of a hard hit back to reality! Kind of like someone called “CUT” or “SCENE”. In those few seconds I thought, of course I’m performing, there is no one alive who can handle the scars embedded on my heart! Of course I’m “acting” I’m standing here smiling when I should be crying! Of course I’m putting on a show, I’ve learn to master not being who I really am! But I managed to give a beautiful answer that left the judges in shock! Something about how being yourself was better than wishing you were someone else! And those words were like the shot heard around the world! I told myself exactly what I needed to hear!

Fast forward to years later…In a world where comparison seems to be the most difficult habit to kick, where being anything, but who you truly are is popular, what a gift to finally realize God loves me for exactly me! So…I’m a bit of a cryer! Happy, sad, beautiful, excited…I most likely will begin crying! Also, I’m not good at being “laid back” I’m the overly enthusiastic friend! If you just did something amazing I’m literally making up a cheer and blowing a bullhorn in your honor! I say that to say, there are no identical pieces in a puzzle, the attributes that make up who you are, are missing if you are not living them out! Being someone else leaves a void in the world, a void only you can fill! So thankfully for you, there are no auditions, you are exactly who “we” the world are looking for! You got the part!

❤️ Ebony

1 thought on “You Got the Part!

  1. Awesome! And so true many times in life we want to choose another identity because of the scars and bruises of life however those are the things that separate us and builds us into the people we are today. Thanks 😊


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