3 Times the Faith Prayer Line

Some times we really do not understand the impact people have on us until after they are gone. My husbands grandmother was an amazing woman filled with faith, sweet as pie and a helper as well as care giver to many. She didn’t have to say much because her actions said it all. About two years ago she came to visit us. While she was here she woke up early and at five o clock in the morning during the week you could hear her talking. She would announce her name and state, “the reading for today is coming from the Daily Bread” and then she would began reading. After her call I asked her what was she doing and she said that she was logging on to the prayer line. I thought to myself thats awesome you are miles away from home on vacation still getting up early in the morning to connect and pray with people. As time went by my husbands sweet grandmother passed away and I began to think about how consistent she was, always praying and interceding on behalf of her friends, family and church. Her actions inspired me to start a prayer line.

3 Times the faith prayer line is a phone line that you dial into on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30am CT for daily devotional and prayer. The call last for thirty minutes. We start out with prayer and then we move into the devotional. The call ends with the submission of prayer requests follwed by prayer to close out the line. It is an amazing opportunity to fellowship with others and provide encouragement through any circumstance that life may bring. James 5:16 AMP version says that the prayer of the righteous man can accomplish much and Mathew 18:20 says for where two or three are gathered in my name , there am i with them. I believe that there is power in prayer so in March of this year I started this prayer line and God has done so much with it, people log on from all over and it is still growing. Join us we would love to have you. Please connect with us, pray for the line and follow the blog we will be posting our devotionals and study questions weekly.

❤️Tiffany Roshell

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