Dream Week: Lift Up Your Eyes

Sometimes your circumstances may seem unfavorable and your vision may be blurred by all the distractions and drama surrounding you.  Even in the middle of your issues God can show you His purpose and plan for your future.  In Genesis 13:14-17, God told Abraham to lift his eyes and look in every direction to see the land that would be given to him, and told him how numerous his offspring would be.  It’s easy to focus on the promises, but let’s not forget the drama that he had just experienced with his nephew Lot (Gen 13:5-12), or the fact the he and his wife were already AARP eligible.   However, even in his circumstances, Abraham experienced the promises of God because he was obedient and didn’t lose faith.  Trust that what God shows you, He can bring to past through your obedience and faith.

Question: What dream is God showing you?  If you’re not sure what God’s purpose is for your life, pray for insight and clarity of your individual purpose.


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